NCIT 2022 | Online Meeting

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, International Conference on Networks, Communication and Information Technology (NCIT 2022) was changed to online meeting on November 5-6, 2022. The program consists of keynote speeches, oral presentations, poster presentations and discussions. This rich program provides all attendees to meet and interact with one another.
We greatly appreciate all participants for attending!

Conference Schedule

Date Time Program Online Platform
November 5 10:00-17:00 Online Registration VooV Meeting

ID: 50918097498
November 6 09:00-09:10 Opening Ceremony
09:10-10:40 Keynote Speech
10:40-12:40 Oral Presentation
12:40-12:50 Poster Presentation

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Opening Ceremony
Prof. Jie Tian
Institute of Acoustics, Chinese Academy of Science, China
Keynote Speech
Assoc. Prof. Mahmoud Al Shawabkeh
Guangxi Normal University for Nationalities, China
Speech Title: Current Issues and Research of Internet of Things (IoT)
Prof. Victor Chang
Aston University, UK
Speech Title: Federated Learning-Based Synchrotron X-ray Microdiffraction Image Screening
Prof. Michael Short
Teesside University, UK
Speech Title: Innovations in Smart Digital Trade
Oral Presentation
Presentation Title: Research on Internet financial risk early warning based on a CNN-LSTM model

Ting Ren
Hubei Normal University
Presentation Title: A decoupled adaptive particle swarm optimization method based on the large-scale optimization

Feng Ma
Yunnan University of Finance and Economics
Presentation Title: Faster R-CNN based face detection for streaming media

Weiqi Zhou
Hubei Normal University
Presentation Title: Intelligent Monitoring Technology for Aerospace Environment Based on Time Series Neural Network

Pengcheng Li
Beijing Institute of Astronautical Systems Engineering
Presentation Title: A Micro-grid Energy Management Strategy Based on IoT

Tingting Yan
State Grid Information and Communication Industry Group Co.
Presentation Title: Evaluation of the security of password-protected encrypted RAR3 and RAR5 archives

Ehlimana Krupalija
University of Sarajevo
Presentation Title: Alliance based approach for reducing saturation and congestion in LTE networks

Kahina Ouazine
LIMED Laboratory, Faculty of Exact Sciences, University of Bejaia, 06000 Bejaia, Algeria
Presentation Title: Underwater Image Enhancement using CycleGAN

Xinyan Yin
Beijing Institute of Technology, Zhuhai

Poster Presentation
Power cable tunnel online monitoring based on 5G network slicing technology
Lei Sun, Wei Wang, Qiushi Meng, Tao Xu, Yongtao Chen, Danke Hong, Hailong Zhu and Guoyi Zhang
Guangzhou Power Supply Bureau
Cloud-Native CI/CD Platform
Jing Zhang, Yanjie Wang and Xinyi Liu
State Grid Information and Communication Industry Group Co.
Research on the quality evaluation of acoustic characteristics of lute audio signal based on the physical model of string vibration
Zixin Wang
Beijing Institute of Technology
Self-attention light network for hierarchical severity detection of diabetic retinopathy
Zhilin Song, Jianhua Dong, Hu Liang, Shengrong Zhao
School of Computer Science and Technology, Qilu University of Technology (Shandong Academy of sciences)

We would like to express our sincere gratitude to the distinguished keynote speakers, oral speakers, poster presenters as well as all the audiences. NCIT2022 has made a big success because of their supports and assistance. We are expecting more and more experts and scholars from around the world to join NCIT2023 next year.